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Handknit Cozy Slippers, Women Size 13, Men Size 11.5, Crochet Slippers, Romanian Handmade, Gift for Them, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift

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One-of-a-kind Crochet slippers that can be worn all winter to keep your feet warm! Hand-made by a Romanian grandma and mother. Eugenia started off making winter slippers for the kids and grandkids this year. She loves combining various colors of yarn to create wonderful patterns that can be gradient in nature or consecutive blocks of multiple colors. These slippers are tightly knit, so they don't let cold air in and will hold up over time. Are there patterns and colors you would love to see that are not available for purchase? Want to buy a specific pattern: team, flag, or favorite colors? Message us on the listing page or shop homepage for specific customizations!

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